2018 Fall Challenge


It’s free for members to participate in HIITLAG’s 8 Week Fitness Challenge! The competition starts on Monday, October 1, and will end on November 16.  Participants will compete in two categories 1. Most Improved Fitness and 2. Most Inches Lost.  One winner will be selected from each category.


 Instructors will assess your fitness via a simple fitness test during the first week of the challenge and then again after the challenge. Waist and hip measurements and physical fitness testing take place on Monday October 1st, Wednesday October 3rd, and Friday October 5th from 9:15-9:45.  The fitness portion is a workout, and will run through the first 15 minutes of each class that week.

There is no need to sign up for a Fitness Assessment. Simply show up 20 minutes early for any class on the week of 10/01 and the instructor will assess your fitness. The Fitness Assessment will include basic exercises such as pushups, sit ups, and cardio. You will record your own results and hand in to the instructor. At the end of the challenge you should see a major improvement in strength and endurance. Nutrition support is available to all members through the Eat Like A Girl closed Facebook group. Ask for details on how to join.


Prizes include HIITLAG gift basket and a FREE month of membership (your choice of month!). The biggest prize will be the accolades from your classmates and bragging rights with all of your friends. This annual challenge is a fun and rewarding way to hold each other accountable for our fitness.