FAQ About EatLAG

Q: How much does this nutrition program cost? Do I need to purchase anything extra? 

A: EatLAG Group Nutrition Support is FREE to all current HIITLAG members! Simply join the closed Facebook group to see the discussion.

Q: Is this a weight-loss program or fad diet?

A: No, EatLAG is a group-directed nutrition discussion that allows users to  share tips, recipes, and support.

Q: What meal plan program does HIITLAG recommend?

A: We recommend The Fresh 20 online meal planning program. Check out the membership options here:  http://www.thefresh20.com

Q: What if I need additional nutrition support or I have dietary restrictions/food sensitivities?

A: Our partner Stacie Haaga is a Registered Dietitian. She offers all HIITLAG members a 10% discount on personal nutrition counseling. Contact her here:  http://www.staciehnutrition.com

Eat Like A Girl

Group Nutrition Support

HIITLAG supports a whole foods diet. We believe that eating a balanced diet, made up of real foods is best for your body. We also realize that we all lead real lives, with real challenges. With this in mind, following a clean eating program 80% of the time, is a realistic way to achieve and maintain good health, while still having some fun (that's the 20%).

Here are a few guidelines we follow:

1. Try to choose foods with 5 ingredients or less.
2. Make sure you can pronounce every ingredient- if your grandmother wouldn't have used it in her cooking, it  

    doesn't need to be in our food.
3. Include vegetables, healthy fats and protein with every meal.
4. Avoid added sugar and refined flours.
5. Avoid fad diets or meal replacement products- quick fixes rarely lead to long term maintenance.
6. If you are looking for a meal plan program, HIITLAG endorses The Fresh 20 program.
7. For those with specific dietary concerns or food sensitivities, we recommend meeting with Stacie Haaga, RD for

    consultation. http://www.staciehnutrition.com/

Join the discussion and get inspired to make healthy choices for you and your family! Click any link below to find us.

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