How To Navigate a HIITLAG Class With your Kids - A Beginner's Guide

April 7, 2016


The most common excuse I hear from Moms about not attending a HIITLAG class is the fact that they have to bring their kid(s). Here are a few tips that I’ve learned over the years.


They WILL Interrupt You


Lets just get this one out of the way first. Bringing your kids anywhere can be disrupting, therefore fitness class is no exception. They will ask you for snacks. They will ask you to go home. They will want to lie on top of you during push-ups. They will fight with other kids over toys. Basically they will act the way they always do, so just embrace it.  You can sit at home on your couch and be disrupted by your kids or you can come to class and sweat and laugh and exercise while tending to the kids. Choose sweat! The endorphins released after a workout usually trump any annoying thing your kid did during class. As with all aspects of parenting, prepare for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised when everyone is in one piece at the end. 


They WILL Get Used To It


Even the strongest willed toddler or loudest baby or grumpiest school-age kid has learned to tolerate exercise class. When it becomes a part of your routine, they begin to realize that this is what Mommy does in the morning. They will make friendships with other kids or they will find another Momma who dotes on them or they will find little babies to coo at. The first few times to class can be tricky for you and for your little one. Give it time. Make it a routine.  Find what works for you. They will get used to it and even learn to appreciate the freedom they have to run around and play while you work. 


They WILL Watch You - And Learn


This is the most fascinating part of HIITLAG classes – seeing how the little ones watch their Moms. After a few classes they begin to participate. They will stretch, try and pick up your bands, use your mat for awkward yoga poses. You are teaching your kids that it is important to make exercise a part of daily life. If they grow up watching you sweat and move and try and become stronger, chances are they will adopt those same principles.  They will also witness the supportive environment of women and strive to have friendships like you do. 


At HIITLAG, it is common to see mothers nursing babies, toddlers in time out, and kids stealing iPhones to play. You will feel the support from all the women in the room. No matter what your kid does in class or how many times they bug you, every one of us has been in your shoes at one time.  Likely you will find other friends who can relate and remind you that you –and your kids – can do anything for 50 minutes.  It’s worth it. In every way. 


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