Setting up Your Life for Fitness Success With HIITLAG

April 17, 2016


Have you ever wondered how some of the busiest people you know still somehow manage to “find” time to work out?  Chances are, they’re not any luckier or more hardworking or they don’t have circumstances much different from your own. They probably just engage in a few key behaviors that can make or break a fitness routine.  The good news?  You can do it too, it’s so simple and doesn’t involve much effort, just a few small changes in how you schedule and plan for fitness.


  1. Don’t plan other appointments during your normal exercise time.  I love to work out right after I drop my kids off at school, so when I’ve got a Dr. appointment or hair appointment to schedule, for myself or my kids, I make sure it’s towards the end of the morning or in the afternoon.  I don’t mind waiting an extra week or two to get the appointment time I need, it’s not even an option.  Put your favorite HIITLAG classes in your calendar and practice saying “No, I’ve got another appointment at that time.”

  2. Plan to forget something.  Keep an extra pair of tennis shoes and athletic socks and a sports bra in the back of your car.  You WILL forget something crucial at some point, don’t let it keep you from getting to class!

  3. Pack a snack. Keep a snack in your purse or car in case you’re on your way to class and realize that you’re starving.  You won’t make it through if your tummy’s rumbling before you even get started.

  4. Check the laundry before you go to bed!  Make sure you’ve got what you need clean, dry and ready to go for morning, lay it out at the end of the bed before you go to sleep and put it on as soon as you wake up.

  5. Recruit other family members to pitch in.  Need to clean the house, grocery shop and 5 other things for company coming?  Thinking of skipping class to get it all done? Ask your spouse to pick up the essentials at the grocery store, hand your kids the vacuum or duster.  Or set your alarm 30 minutes early in the morning, it’s amazing what I can accomplish in 30 minutes of uninterrupted time while the rest of the family is asleep!

  6. Create your own accountability.  The best way to make sure you’ll be at class is to tell your friends you’ll be there.  They’ll text you in the morning beforehand and if you don’t show, you’ll hear about it!  Set yourself up for success by broadcasting your intentions to as many people who will listen, knowing they’ll ask you about class is sometimes enough to get you to go!


All of these things are key habits that people who adopt and stick with a fitness program long term have learned to do automatically.  They will require conscious thought at first, so think ahead before situations arise during the week and rehearse how you’ll handle them in your head.  Look at your calendar for the week on Sunday afternoon, and decide which classes you’ll be at, then make sure you share with a HIITLAG friend so they can make sure you’re there!


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