Stroller HIIT - How To Survive

April 27, 2016



I’ll admit I’m biased about stroller fitness. It is the class that changed my life after having my first child. It is where I found sisterhood and support. It is where I earned my muscles pushing a stroller up hills. I will also admit that it’s not the easiest fitness class I’ve taken, but it was the best in many ways. Here are a few tips to survive a stroller fitness class and how to get the most out of it. 


You Have To Push Your Kid In A Stroller.  This will be the one factor that could deter many Moms from a stroller fitness class. You don’t have to own the latest running stroller to participate - you only need a safe stroller that your child will be comfortable in for 50 minutes.  A stroller designed for speed might be a bit easier to handle, but you won’t be doing any races to the finish line.  If you discover after a few months of working out with a stroller that you actually enjoy it and want to run with it (I’ve run several races pushing a double!), then you can consider an upgrade.  Think of the added cardiovascular benefits of pushing your child’s weight around while you walk or jog. It will feel difficult at first, but you will get stronger much faster than you think. 


Your Kid Will Distract You The Entire Time. Just like all HIITLAG classes, kids are a part of our fitness program. Be prepared with snacks, electronics, toys, friends they can sit with or near, or anything else that can help keep them busy during class. My rambunctious 2 year old boy wants nothing to do with sitting still for any amount of time – but the promise of playground play after class can keep him steady for a while. Plan ahead and anticipate the distraction. You might be surprised at how much they enjoy being outside for a stroll.  Even the loudest protests from your child will only be met with support and encouragement. We’ve all been there. Some of us daily. 


The Great Outdoors Is Wonderful – And Hot (And Wet). The greatest benefit of an outdoor stroller fitness class is spending your morning in a park during beautiful weather. However, sometimes it will be hot. Your instructor will plan ahead and keep the workouts under shade. Sometimes it might rain. Your instructor will lead the class under the cover of a park pavilion (triceps dips on the bench anyone?). Prepare for the weather with extra water and possibly an extra change of clothes. Most days will be fantastic, others will be sticky. All will be worth it. 


You Will Have Fun. And you will likely find your tribe out there on the pavement.  The women that you will meet on this journey of fitness will become your friends forever. You will feel ownership of your park and you will know every playground hiding spot.  Your kids will be tired from their after-workout play and you will have a sense of accomplishment from getting your exercise done first thing in the morning. Stroller fitness is dirty, fun, exhilarating, and will build your endurance!



Join us at our new location at Sherando Park, Stephens City! Nyle Franz, HIITLAG Instructor, will be leading a stroller fitness class on Monday and Wednesday morning starting at 9:30 AM. Please bring your band, a mat, and water. Meet in front of the large playground, near the FFA Shelter.  This class is offered as a part of your HIITLAG membership. 


Program Notes:  If you have older children and wish to participate, they can bring a helmet and ride a bike or run with you. Please keep in mind that your safety and the safety of your children is our priority.   We will be walking/jogging on park roads. Any fitness level can participate and the group will move around the park together for fitness stations.  Please email  Carley Walker for more information. 

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