Member Spotlight - Beth M.

August 4, 2016


Beth M. inspires us because her busy life seems overwhelming, but she shows up with a smile on her face and determination to make fitness a part of her everyday life. She is beautiful on the inside and out and we love to sweat next to her. With four kids and a hectic schedule, we wondered how she makes time for herself. If you are a Staunton HIITLAG member, you have probably had the privilege of knowing Beth and seeing how hard she works. 



How do you make time for fitness in your life?


I have really made a point to make time for fitness since my 3 year old was born.  It changes my entire mood and makes me so much more able to be patient and understanding with the boys.  My husband is a tremendous help and even though he is a teacher and a coach we find time for me to get away to exercise and reflect alone.  When life is too busy for us to tag team parent, the boys and I go for a run (I push the double stroller and my 3 year old and 9 year old ride their bikes) or we take a short hike or we just run around playing tag in the yard!  They think mommy is just playing, but I am thinking the whole time about the great cardio workout I am getting!!


What is your favorite HIIT exercise?


My favorite solo HIIT exercise is squats.  I know that sounds crazy, but after the first class Jo taught me how to do them correctly and ever since then I stop and squat all the time!  I love how I can feel those muscles getting stronger!  I'll even squat while I'm brushing my teeth!!  I also love the partner arm exercises with the bands that we do in class.  It is such a tough workout for me and I love having a partner there to keep me motivated!!


How do you keep your little ones entertained during HIIT class?


This summer I have been fortunate enough that my teacher husband will stay home with the boys so that I can get some focused fun workout time.  Before that though my boys were not the best actually at staying entertained!  My twins do not like when I focus on the exercises and not on them.  So, I sort-of just took turns holding them and doing the exercise as best as I could.  It was an extra bonus cardio for me I guess!  My 3 year old was great about finding a friend and playing ball or in the sandbox.  It's like a play-date for us all!!!


What inspires you to stay fit?


I lost my mom at when she was only 59.  The last few years of her life, she was very unhealthy.  She made very unhealthy choices and her body gave up on her.  I don't want my boys to ever have to go through that.  I want to keep up with their crazy energy for as long as they will let me.  I want to be lean and fit for my husband to look at, I want to feel happy and confident in all that I do, and I want to be a good healthy example for my boys!  Exercise opens so many doors and allows me to be able to do so much!  I couldn't live without it!!


What has been the biggest benefit of attending HIIT class?


The intense exercise is of course a benefit, but having the time to exercise and sweat it all out with some new fantastic girl friends has really been the ultimate "reward".  I love to be inspired by other women and I feel very blessed to have found this group that I can workout with, allow my kids to play with, and then continue to encourage each other even when we aren't together.  


Where can we find you on the weekends?


When I am not in class I am hanging out with my 4 crazy boys ... and my husband.  My boys are 9, 3, and 2 year old twins.  I used to be a middle school teacher, but after having the twins I was blessed enough to be able to become a stay at home mom.  We love to go and do things and spend a lot of our free time hiking, kayaking, or just playing outside.  When I get a rare chance to have a break from the boys, I love to go for short runs, read, and spend time with my girl friends!


What is your favorite healthy snack?


My favorite easy healthy snack would probably be almonds.  Very simple, but they keep me feeling full!  I also LOVE a good smoothie!  My favorite is just frozen berries, spinach, and almond milk!  Yummy!!!!


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