Prenatal Fitness - Megan M.

January 26, 2017

Megan has been a HIITLAG member since the beginning when her youngest son, Everett, was only a baby. He will be two this February. Her oldest son, Russ, is three and can be found playing with the preschool tribe of kids that run around HIIT class regularly (when he's not in school). When she first found out she was pregnant, Megan shared her news secretly with Zara Ryan, who gave her special modifications for her


workouts. Aside from some initial downtime early in her pregnancy to handle fatigue and nausea, Megan has stayed dedicated to her fitness. This strong Mom is due at the end of March and will be bringing her third child into the HIITLAG community. We wanted to find out how she fits exercise into her busy and pregnant life.


Q.  What was the greatest change you had to make to your fitness routine once you found out you were pregnant?


A. The greatest change to my fitness routine was slowing down. I was running regularly and taking HIIT classes before my pregnancy and felt great--but I view pregnancy as a time to really listen to your body and decide what you can do, and obviously not a time to push yourself to the limit. I didn't feel that well in the 1st trimester so slowing down was pretty easy, once I felt better, it was great to go to HIIT Classes and keep up with jogging.


Q. When you feel sick or tired, how do you continue to work out?


A. It's tough to do anything when you're nauseous, but I would at least try to get a walk in, usually with the kids or on my treadmill...sometimes just a 20 minute walk would help. I also love the 7 minute workout app or I would break my workouts into smaller segments (15 min at a time)​. I ​also​ try to get most of my workouts in during the morning when I have the most energy. But it's also important to realize, it's okay to have a rest day, especially if you are feeling particularly sluggish or sick.


Q. How has regular exercise changed your pregnancy?


A. Exercise during my pregnancy has really helped my energy level and my mental health. Can we talk about hormones/mood swings? Ha! No but really, HIIT classes have made me feel strong and ready for anything, including labor ! With my previous 2 pregnancies I mostly walked/jogged, and it's so nice to feel physically stronger this time, this also helps since I have 2 toddlers this time to keep up with and carry! It was also important to me to try and maintain some level of fitness so that my recovery after baby would be easier.


Q. What is your favorite prenatal exercise?


A.  My favorite prenatal exercise is PiYo. I've just loved this class during my pregnancy, I love that it uses just your body weight, and includes strength, yoga/stretching, and you are constantly moving--it's so different from any exercise I've done before.


Q. What advice do you have for expecting women who are nervous about exercise?


A.  When you are carrying/making a baby I think it's natural to be nervous about your body and what it can do. I know there are time(s) when I think, "should I be doing this, is this too much"--but you know your body and your intuition will guide you. It's such a great thing to do for you and your baby to get out there and get moving. The HIIT team (Zara) is amazing at guiding you on what you should avoid for each trimester, modifications for each exercise, and certain strength exercises that you should do as a pregnant women. I think keeping active also makes postpartum recovery that much easier.


Q.  What do you love most about being pregnant?


A.  What I love about being pregnant is just knowing that I am creating a life inside me, it really is amazing. I also love when you can start feeling movement and the special treatment that can sometimes come along with it.


If you are pregnant and would like to continue your fitness, read more about our pre and postnatal fitness memberships.  Our experts can guide you through safe and effective exercises so that you can still enjoy working out. Our community of Moms will support you through your journey.






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