Should I do HIIT Everyday?

April 27, 2017

The Benefits Of Adding Yoga and PiYo Into Your Weekly Routine


Every single one of us loves the heart-pounding, sweaty, shaky, (can’t wash my own hair) feeling you have after a good hard workout!  It’s a feeling that makes it clear that you’ve worked your hardest, and you know you’ll have something to show for it.  But should you choose high-impact, high intensity workouts every day?  While this may work for some people (read: genetic mutants), for most of us, we need days of lower impact exercise in order to fully recover from those HIIT sessions and get the most out of them.  Not to worry, that doesn’t mean you have to fully rest on those days off of HIIT! 


When we invited our certified Yoga and PiYo instructors into the HIITLAG family, we did it with clear intentions.  I wanted to make sure that our members were changing up their workouts, mixing in lower impact days of exercise with our core HIIT program.  I knew that our members would not settle for anything that didn’t  challenge them and give them a great sweat.  When I tried PiYo with Julie for the first time and finished in a shaky puddle on the floor, I knew it would be perfect for HIITLAG!  And when Carolina’s Core Yoga class brought me to the point of not being able to hold my plank or downward dog for another second, I was convinced it was exactly what we needed.



 “PiYo is a total body, low impact workout that combines the practices of Pilates and Yoga to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance—all while having fun to great music.  PiYo really is great for the body and mind and will enhance your endurance in HIIT classes.  You won’t believe how good you’ll feel after you try it!”  - Julie, PiYo Instructor





“Yoga benefits are both physical and mental.  Physically, it improves flexibility, strength, balance and endurance.  Mentally, it helps you cope better with stress, cultivates mindfulness and awareness.  People think yoga is only about stretching, but it goes deeper than that and it can be a full, low-impact workout and it is a progression.  Class by class, you will be able to tell the difference.” - Carolina, Yoga Instructor







Make no mistake, Yoga and PiYo are low impact classes, but they are NOT low intensity, so don’t expect a walk in the park!  They strengthen your muscles and your cardiovascular system and push your flexibility in a completely different way than a HIIT class does.  Perhaps most importantly, they allow your muscles to recover from HIIT workouts, while not requiring your body to rest fully.  Without adequate recovery, high intensity workouts can break down your muscles over time, limit your strength and endurance gains and make you susceptible to injuries.  Give your body the recovery time it needs, and your HIIT workouts will pay dividends.



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