Top Ten Added Benefits of a HIITLAG Membership

August 7, 2017

1.   Shopping! It’s a great reason to get some new workout gear (or justify it if you


already have it). Cute tanks, spandex capris, leggings, and sneakers to match every outfit! Once you’re done shopping at your retailer of choice, you can also purchase some HIITLAG gear!


2.   Regular breathing reminders. Seriously, have you thought about breathing today? I bet you haven’t. At HIIITLAG, the awesome instructors will help remind you about how important it is to breathe. Not only to breathe, but when to breathe. You pay nothing extra for this service! How have you lived to this point without it?


3.   Referral service. Need a doctor? A recommendation for a preschool, sports program, or vehicle? How to wean, potty train, or get that child to eat something other than chicken nuggets? Chat it up and get the info you need!


4.   Babies!  want any (or any more) kids but need a baby fix? Prefer the pitter-patter of toddler feet? There are some real cuties for you to ooh and ahh at. And if they are in the right mood, you may get to hold one! There are even playgroups after some classes!


5.   No kids! Children are not a prerequisite to work out. No problem! Have trouble making time to work out when your little people are around? Get your sweat on while they are at school or daycare!


6.   Do it loud! Rebel yell! Grunting, groaning, moaning, sighing – whatever noise you need to make to get through YOUR workout is accepted. (Note: Vomiting is NOT allowed. That could be its own line, but I’ll just leave that here.)


7.   Mom’s Night Out. No explanation needed.


8.   Minimal testosterone. Yes ladies, you have testosterone. Yes, those cute boys mentioned in #4 & #5 do too. This is girl time.


9.   What’s for dinner? Need some new ideas for your family meals? Wondering how to sneak more veggies into your day? Does wine count as a fruit? Is chocolate really a vegetable? Join EAT-LAG!


10.   Support. We’ll check up on you. Make sure you are feeling OK. Keep you accountable when you go missing. Encourage you to work your hardest. If you need other types of support, see #1 - #9.








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