Add Some Variety!

October 4, 2017


Runners run, swimmers swim, cyclists cycle, so on and so forth. Sometimes we tend to stick to what we know and not step outside of our comfort  zone to incorporate other activities into our workout routine. As adults, we know we have limited time, know what we can squeeze into our schedule and usually just focus on accomplishing the task we already know how to do because we don't have to think about it; it's a habit.. Day in and day out, you might simply run 3 miles at the same pace, go to the same group exercise class or maybe sporadically jump on the workout train. And you might see the same results (or lack of) again and again. By neglecting to vary our routine, we are missing out on the benefits of cross training, increasing the possibility of hitting those frustrating plateaus and may not adhere to the plan due to staleness or boredom. 


When my fellow coach Jeremy and I first became running partners, we discussed his personal run coaching business and the services he was currently offering his clients. We discussed my background in kinesiology, running and teaching for HIITLAG and considered the possibility of joining forces. As with any athlete, we knew providing a variety of auxiliary workouts - strength, plyometric, agility, mobility - would help build a well-round runner. From a survey we created, we discovered only about 50% of runners were incorporating strength training into their routines. Crazy! Personally, I knew combining running with HIIT/Strength workouts not only improved my running, but also helped prevent me from incurring injuries. 


By hiring a coach, personal trainer or attending a group exercise class, you are gaining so much - you have someone supporting and guiding you as you strive to meet your goals. Providing not only creative and unique workouts, but perhaps most importantly, accountability. At Runner In Training, we work with you, your schedule and your goals - we aren't simply a cookie cutter training program you can find on the internet. Each week, we enter runs and workouts on your calendar, listen to your feedback and adjust as needed. 


So often, we hear this from runners - "I'm just not getting faster even though I run X amount of times per week." When chatting about their workout plans, we will realize they will be doing the same 3 miles and the same pace each time. You need to shake it up! Here is what one of our RIT clients had to say: "I like the accountability and the variety of runs. Before, I was just running and not doing any hill work or intervals and I was getting bored with it (running). Now, I'm always excited to see what is coming up and can't wait to go running."


To keep you motivated and encouraged, we also try to create a positive and engaging social atmosphere through our social media platforms as well as in our monthly group runs. Our monthly runs are free and usually educational, so come join us and meet a new running buddy - all paces are always welcome. This month, we are starting workshops on a variety of topics: nutrition, yoga, injury prevention, foam rolling and more. Our clients also have the opportunity to work with our partners - yoga teachers, massage therapists, nutritionist, physical therapists and more. 


If you are a current HIITLAG member, you know you experience similar benefits at HIITLAG - the schedule offers you a variety of workouts, the instructors are creative, and the amazing tribe of women will hold you accountable both in person and on social media.  


If you haven't heard, Runner In Training and HIIT Like A Girl have linked up and have created a reciprocal partnership to provide all our members a discount. When combining RIT + HIITLAG, you definitely have less excuses to reach your goals!


Join us for our next group run at 7:30 a.m. on October 28. Details can be found on our Facebook page - and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to never miss out on one of our events!



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