Week 1 On The SCD Diet

March 9, 2018


Day 1, 2:00 pm
A-  “How long do I have to do this diet?”
Me - “We’re going to try it for 3 months, and if it works, we’re going to keep going”
A -  (desperately)“I hope it doesn’t work”

Bill and I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen.  I cooked, he constantly washed dishes -even though we now run our dishwasher twice daily.  I’m getting used to the quantities in which I have to purchase and prepare food.  With such a limited number of foods, I need to make a lot.   Here’s a partial list of what we ate/used this week (some went to freezer foods):

•    A gallon of homemade yogurt
•    3 pans of homemade jello
•    Applesauce from 48 apples
•    6 dozen eggs
•    2 boiled whole chickens + bone broth
•    2  lbs. of fresh carrots
•    3 zucchini
•    1 bag frozen peas
•    1 Costco box of baby spinach
•    2 medium bottles honey
•    1 Costco bag of frozen berries, cooked
•    3 bunches of bananas
•    2 bags of frozen green beans
•    6 lbs. almond flour
•    2 lbs. grass fed butter

I can see that cooking mega quantities of favorite foods will save me time in the long run.  By Tuesday night’s dinner (grain free chicken pot pie https://wellnessmama.com/4616/chicken-pot-pie/) I’ve learned something and made 5 additional single servings pies for the freezer.

I purchased a few new kitchen gadgets (thank you apple peeler/corer/slicer) that will save me some time as well.
Thankfully we’ve found some new favorite foods- banana cake made from ripe bananas, eggs and honey.  Egg drop soup made with bone broth and veggies-I never would have guessed!  Almond flour bread and biscuits(obvi).


  And these cinnamon bun muffins which are to die for!  https://comfybelly.com/2011/08/cinnamon-bun-muffins-using-coconut-flour/

Current Challenges
•    Packing lunch-I’ve always sent allergy friendly lunches, now I send allergy nightmare lunches, I’m not feeling great about that.
•    There’s still a lot of cooking to do, I’ve enlisted our babysitter to come over and start learning how to make some staples with me, in the hopes that eventually she’ll be able to come once a week for a few hours and make some freezer foods.
•    Almond butter blondies will be my undoing-they’re way, way too good.  I wish I’d never found them!  https://comfybelly.com/2017/10/blondies-almond-butter/
•    Realizing that if I want to ever be able to be a lazy mom again (and I sometimes like to be a lazy mom), I’ll have to stay on top of keeping the freezer full of SCD safe meals, no more ordering a pizza in a pinch, or after I’ve had a few glasses of wine on Saturday night!  Motivation level = high.

The Silver linings
•    We already feel really good physically
•    Aidan’s weight is steady
•    My hubby and I are working as a team, he steps in to help in the kitchen without being asked.  Thank God, or I would be a stressed out mess.
•    For the first time in a while I feel like I’m truly in control of my kitchen and all of my family’s meals- there is no winging it.  I have a meal calendar for the month, a freezer and two refrigerators full of 100% unprocessed foods.  My pantry contents could have belonged to a mom from 100 years ago.  


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