Closing in on a month...

March 23, 2018

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since we started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat my son’s Crohn’s disease. I’ve picked up some efficiencies, I’m no longer visiting the grocery store daily and our grocery budget isn’t as out of control as it was in the beginning. I hope it’s working, but the truth is, it may be several months before we know if his inflammation is down, so we need to stay strict with SCD, even without any external confirmation (lab results). For me, as someone who values science and objective data above many things, this is a challenge!

Our weekend prep list

Here’s a list of the foods that I prepped on Sunday afternoon. I spend about 4 hours preparing staples on the weekend, cooking many of these things simultaneously to save time. Bill usually does the Costco shopping, and most of the dishes-still a big team effort here.

* Roast a whole chicken
* Bone broth
*  Make 1 gallon yogurt, then “drip” the extra liquid overnight (makes it thick
   like Greek)
* Greek Yogurt Apple Dip (thanks to Kathlene Courtney for this one)
* Bake 4 dozen muffins with coconut flour
* Cook 2 quarts applesauce
* Shred any cheeses and freeze individually in 1 cup increments
* 2 loaves of bread
* Double batch of Paleo Balls
* 2 pans of Blondies
* Hard boil 6-8 eggs
* 30 Almond flour biscuits
* 2 loaves of Almond and coconut flour sandwich bread

What we’ve gained

My kids have changing tastes already. They relish the natural sweetness of fruit.
Aidan told me that my roasted cauliflower and zucchini was “like a party in my
mouth.” He’s also tried some things that used to make him gag – cashews,
macadamia nuts, and all kinds of veggies that he would have passed on before.
Sandwiches are made with natural almond butter and no sugar added apple butter
on homemade bread- and they love it! Proud mommy tears over here!
On a selfish note, as the primary food prepper, I was so excited to find a brand of
diced tomatoes that are allowed- at Wal Mart! Packaged tomato products that come straight from Italy are required to disclose every ingredient-even if it’s only used in small amount for processing. Pomi tomatoes in the paper carton-legal! I don’t know why, but of all the things, the thought of making tomato sauce from whole fresh tomatoes was really making me angry, LOL.  RAO’s Marinara sauces (also from Italy)-what you see on the label is what you get. These two things made my week. I’m gaining an understanding of clean foods to a level beyond what I ever thought was possible. I never knew that food companies don’t have to list an ingredient if it’s less than 2% of the product. Even if a year from now, we’ve determined that this diet is not helping, I’m armed with a list of clean foods and recipes that we can continue to use, and that’s a perk no matter how this turns out.

Weird Side Effects

My son can only eat bananas that are covered in brown spots with no green, and
they’re a favorite of his, so I’ve been avoiding eating them in an effort to make sure
they’re always available for him. We’ve also cut out potatoes, sweet potatoes,
legumes and just about all of the major sources of potassium in my diet. The result? I’m getting insane foot cramps that won’t let go, likely due to the low potassium. Today I’m adding back in sweet potato for myself, and planning to buy extra bananas so I don’t have this problem again!




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