We Face Some Challenges - Our First SCD Holiday

April 9, 2018

Sometimes I’m not super Zen about all the cooking that has to be done in my house.This past weekend, I made Easter candy. I know, I could have decided that Easter was no longer a candy holiday and just done tattoos and stickers and toys, and we did this to a large extent. But I feel like I’m walking a fine line, between caring for the health of my family and not breeding resentment towards this new diet, Crohn’s disease or Aidan from his brother. So I made the candy.

My problem was that between snow days and Spring break, my kids had been home with me all day for 13 of 14 days leading up to Easter, so I literally had no time to get the candy made ahead of time without their knowledge. As my husband took the boys out to the movies the day before Easter so I could work in secret, I found myself feeling annoyed that I didn’t get to go with them, and instead was preparing to spend 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon in my kitchen. I wanted to go watch a movie with my family, I pouted and slammed ingredients on the counters after they left. The initial energy I had had when starting this diet had worn off, it was starting to feel like a grind.

I put on some of my favorite music (90’s hip-hop, natch), tied my apron over my
clothes and made the best of it. I felt silly, so I posted about it on Facebook, and got lots of encouragement back from friends (thank you!). The music, the support from friends, and the realization of how petty I was being sulking over Easter candy - I got over it and got down to work.

First I made White Chocolate lollipops. I used these silicone molds from amazon with re-usable sticks.

I also made gummy bears, here’s the recipe for those. I doubled the amount of
lemon extract to make the flavor really pop! If you decide to try these, work quickly,
the gelatin begins to set almost immediately - this is not a recipe you want to double all at once! I used these silicone gummy bear molds and droppers to make them.

Finally, I was in charge of bringing sides and dessert for Easter dinner at my sister-
in-law’s house. I made White Chocolate Fudge with this recipe-it was a huge hit and really simple. My family doesn’t love peppermint, so I made it with vanilla extract instead and left out the Goji berries.

Easter went off without a hitch- the boys left a note for the Easter bunny asking him
to please only bring honey candy, and they were thrilled to find Easter baskets full
of both toys and legal candy. I’m back to feeling motivated (for now) and realizing
how incredibly privileged we are to be following SCD now vs. even 10 years ago.
Without Amazon Prime, Pinterest, social media and other online resources, this diet
could be so boring! We’re so fortunate to have the time and the budget to be able to do a special diet, and the sometimes frustration I feel with it all is the very definition of a first world problem. If you’re reading this blog, I know you get it too, we all get to that point sometimes, but we’re moms, so we put our aprons on (or whatever) and handle that $#!T, and try to be as Zen as we can be.




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