I Grocery Shop on Facebook...

April 27, 2018

You know those people in the grocery store who are on their phones the whole time?  Not paying attention, blocking the aisle, almost crashing into your cart.? Apologies if I’ve ever run over your toes, that person is me.

9 weeks in to the SCD diet, and I’ve discovered a few more convenience foods I’m excited to share with you in this blog. But first, let’s talk about why I can’t get through a single shopping trip without being on Facebook the whole time!  I mentioned previously that I’m a part of a Facebook group for SCD families, and within this group exists an enormous list of “legal” product letters, compiled through the collective efforts of a group of other Crohn’s and UC parents who are committed (read: insane) to healing their children with the help of the SCD diet. 

SCD eschews most packaged or prepared foods due to how hard it is to determine exactly which ingredients are included, even if just during the manufacturing process or as an anti-caking agent/can liner/etc.  These parents go through the long process of contacting food companies to request detailed descriptions of their manufacturing processes in order to determine if a particular product is “legal”.  Once they get an answer, they’re kind enough to share with the group, and so hundreds of letters are kept within this searchable Facebook group.   When I’m in a store reading a label and a product appears legal, I search it in the Facebook group and sometimes can find a letter letting me know whether it can come home with me or not.  And so, this is why I grocery shop on Facebook, I’m sorry.


Here’s the great part though-whenever I bring home a “packaged” product, I feel 100% certain about how clean it is, and I feel good about letting my family eat it.  Here are a few of the convenience foods I’ve been so happy to find at our local stores:

  • Cello Cheese Whisps

  • Koops Mustard

  • Stretch Island Fruit Leather (only grape, apricot and raspberry- others have unspecified “natural flavors”

  • Woodstock Apple spread

  • Bare Apple Chips

  • Kirkland Almond Butter


These from the refrigerator too:

  • Nature’s Promise Oven Roasted Chicken Breast deli meat

  • Tropicana Original no pulp (diluted with water 50%)

  • Refrigerated Apple Cider (not from concentrate, diluted 50%)

  • Kerrygold grass fed butter


Sadly, one of my favorite snacks from Whole30, Larabars are no longer allowed.  They’re owned by General Mills, and the company will not confirm the manufacturing process.  Same with Rx bar varieties (now owned by Kellogs), whose labels include “natural flavors”. 


I hope this short list is helpful,  I’m constantly adding to it and will share more in future posts.  And if you see me in the grocery store on Facebook, cut me a break…and watch your toes!






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I Grocery Shop on Facebook...

April 27, 2018

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