Member Testimonials

"HIITLAG classes are always fun and different! I love the family friendly atmosphere and I actually look forward to the workouts. They have classes to fit every schedule of a busy mom." -Kathlene

I get my workout in and the kids burn off some energy.  We love HIIT!   -Janice

"Through HIIT LAG, I have gained strength, confidence, and friendships in my pursuit of weight loss...who knew loosing something could cause one to gain so much more! I feel blessed to be a part of this group."

- Shelly

HIITLAG has been great for me and my family.   I love being able to bring my daughters with me to class.  They have been able to watch me get stronger, cultivate friendships and make time for something that makes me feel good.  An added bonus is they now have a love of fitness, too!  -Kendra